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Introduction to the functions of the multifunctional nursing bed

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General nursing beds are divided into: multi-functional nursing beds, single-shake nursing beds, double-shake nursing beds, flat nursing beds, and three-function nursing beds.

The following introduces the uses and functions of various nursing beds:

1. Multifunctional nursing bed:

1. Shampoo function: Equipped with a shampoo basin. When the patient is lying flat, the shampoo basin can be placed at the head of the patient's bed to wash the patient's hair.

2. Pothole function: shake the potty to switch between the potty and the baffle. When the bedpan is in place, it automatically rises so that the bedpan is close to the bed surface. The care recipient defecates in a sitting or lying position.

3. Foot washing function: the patient can wash their feet at any angle of 75 degrees

4. The function of raising the back and lowering the legs: the patient can start at any angle from 0 to 75 degrees. It is also possible to have the patient bend the lower leg downwards when starting. The lower bending angle can be adjusted from 0 to 75 degrees. The nursing bed is equipped with a mobile dining table and a telescopic infusion stand. Frequently asking patients to start can prevent tissue atrophy and reduce edema

5. Left and right turning function: It can make the patient turn around at an angle of 0-75 degrees. Frequent turning left and right can avoid the occurrence of bedsores and enable the long-term bedridden patients to get better rehabilitation care.

2. Scope of use: It is mainly used for the daily care of paralyzed patients in homes and nursing homes.

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