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What are the types and specifications of the multifunctional nursing bed

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With the gradual acceleration of social aging, many families with elderly or patients choose to use the multi-functional nursing bed. The multi-functional nursing bed is easy to use and has complete functions. Quality, but also facilitate the care of patients. As a result, the multifunctional nursing bed has become the first choice for many hospitals or families to take care of the elderly or patients. Xiaobian introduces the types and specifications of multifunctional nursing beds.

Multi-functional nursing beds can be divided into three categories: electric, hand-cranked and general nursing beds according to the patient's existing condition:

1. The electric multi-function nursing bed adopts imported motor, which can generally be divided into five-function electric nursing bed, four-function electric nursing bed, three-function electric nursing bed, and two-function electric nursing bed. The main features of this electric nursing bed are also the motor, process design and luxurious configuration equipment, such as European-style guardrails, aluminum alloy guardrails, operation remote control, full-brake central control casters, etc. This kind of multi-functional nursing bed is generally suitable for intensive care units. Seriously ill patient monitoring equipment.

2. Hand-crank multi-function nursing bed, hand-crank multi-function nursing bed depends on the number of rockers, and can generally be divided into luxurious multi-function triple-shake nursing bed, second-shake triple-folding bed and single-shake bed. The main feature of this multifunctional nursing bed is the rocker device and different accessories that can be configured, such as a bedpan, reasonable process design and different choices of materials, etc. It is generally suitable for each department of the hospital inpatient department.

3. Ordinary nursing beds Ordinary nursing beds are straight beds/flat beds, depending on the situation, can include simple hand-cranked beds, which are generally applicable to various hospitals and clinics.

Specifications of the multifunctional nursing bed:

1. The specifications of the electric multifunctional nursing bed are ergonomic and can be set as: 2150*1000*520/720mm.

2. The specifications of the hand-cranked multi-function nursing bed are usually specified as: 50*1000*520/720mm150*1000*520mm according to the specifications of the luxurious three-function nursing bed and the two-function nursing bed.

3. The ordinary nursing bed can also include a two-function hand-cranked bed and a flat bed, and the specifications are usually specified as: 2020*900*500mm.

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