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What are the characteristics of the medical multifunctional bed?

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What are the characteristics of the medical multi-function bed? Are there many people who don't understand what it means? Then they don't know how to start, and sometimes they touch blindly, which leads to unnecessary troubles, but don't worry about any problems, next Let me introduce to you what are the characteristics of the medical multifunctional bed, so that you can know more about this aspect, I believe you will gain something after reading it!

The emergence of multifunctional medical beds effectively solves the problem of bedridden patients at home, and solves various problems such as personal cleaning and self-activity training of patients. However, in order to make good use of the medical multifunctional bed, you also need to have a comprehensive understanding of it. Please follow along to learn.
1. The medical multifunctional bed can help the patient to get up. Through the cooperation of the double-sided nylon stainless steel barrier and the mobile dining table, the patient can get up between 0 and 75 degrees, so that the patient can maintain a sitting position, and can complete reading and reading alone. Basic needs such as writing and drinking water.

2. The medical multi-functional bed can bend the legs according to the needs of the patient, which can solve the difficulty of washing and soaking the feet of the patient. With the cooperation of the stand-up function, a normal sitting posture can be achieved, making the patient feel relaxed and comfortable.

3. It can imitate the process and posture of a healthy person turning over. When the patient turns over, the medical multi-functional bed can make the patient turn left or right bionic sideways due to the movement of the bed surface in different directions. The constant conversion and adjustment of the center of gravity can improve the blood circulation and the stress position of the back and buttocks muscles of long-term bedridden patients, so that the patients' back and buttocks muscles and bones can be fully rested, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of bedsores.

4. The medical multifunctional bed is also equipped with a toilet device, which can use the toilet function like a healthy person after the patient gets up, which reduces the various difficulties and inconveniences of the patient during urination and defecation, and also reduces the labor of nursing staff. strength.

The increase of elderly patients has increased the burden on caregivers. The emergence of humanized multifunctional beds has effectively reduced the nursing burden of ordinary families. At the same time, the market of medical multifunctional beds has continued to expand, and the industry has great potential for development and promising prospects.

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